OMG, I have finally finished the first panel of 8 on my HAED Train of Dreams, oh my word those confetti stitches didn’t have slow me down for the past week, one good push this morning and it’s complete.

So pleased, if I can do at least 2 hours a day every day, then I might get this finished by Christmas.

Still want to work on my Gemini HAED but that is a lot bigger and will take longer to complete.  I have it set up on my Needle Needs lap stand, so maybe I can work on that too and both will progress.

I never thought I would say this but my days of small stitching projects maybe over for a long while, I’m getting addicted to HAED things…lol

But you never know I’m sure something will spark my attention and I’ll do something different.

Well here you go, my first panel complete.


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