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Train of Dreams

I started doing the 100 days of HAED Challenge on the 2nd of July and was aiming to do 30-60 minutes a day. Sadly I failed and missed 10 days due to commission stitching but I got back onto it… Continue Reading…


Updates 10th January 2016

I’m trying a little rotation this week. Here are my updates.        

HAED – Train of Dreams

I’ve had to take this one off my Needle Needs Frame Bars so I could start Witching Hour, but I hope to get a set of 30″ bars and then I won’t have to keep moving it. Another one I… Continue Reading…

Train of Dreams – 1st panel of 8 finished – 63.5 hours

OMG, I have finally finished the first panel of 8 on my HAED Train of Dreams, oh my word those confetti stitches didn’t have slow me down for the past week, one good push this morning and it’s complete. So… Continue Reading…

Train of Dreams – 52 hours stitched so far…

I’ve carried on stitching my train of dreams this week.  I would love to have this full section finished by Monday but I’m not sure I will, I would have been working on this for a month on Monday.  But… Continue Reading…

Train of Dreams – Page 1 Complete

Yay, yesterday I managed to complete page 1 of Train of Dreams.  I have been working on this I think now for 3 weeks yesterday, so maybe in a month I will have a complete section finished, but we shall… Continue Reading…

Train of Dreams – 30 hours stitched

Here’s my train so far. I should rotate tomorrow but I’m not sure whether to finish this page. 30 hours so far.  I think I should steam on , pardon the pun and get this page complete and then think… Continue Reading…

Train of Dreams – Day 9 progress

I’ve had a good 3 hours stitching today and I’m addicted to this design.  

Train of Dreams – HAED

I had to start another HAED. I’ve loved this design for a couple of years. I’m now on day 5 of my 2 week rotation.  

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