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Magazine Commission Stitching for 2015

Here are the few things I stitched in 2015. I didn’t do much that year as I was also working full time and took time out and was just a back up stitcher.

Latest Witching Hour update

I thought I would put a picture of my latest update and the one before together on one picture.  So here we go, I’m now on 276.5 hours in total for the full bottom section.  As soon as I’ve stitched… Continue Reading…


Another page complete

Yay, I have finished another page of The Witching Hour, I’ve spent 243 hours stitching this now. 23 hours for this page.  

Bit of a while for an update on Witching Hour

I’ve been naughty and not updated my blog, so here is biggish update. Here is my first bottom section completed in 193 hours. I am a bit in now on the next row, below I’m at 229 hours stitching. I’ve… Continue Reading…

HAED – Witching Hour – 141 hours stitching

I’m hoping in the next week I’ll get a bit more done on this as I was made redundant the other week so more stitching time for a little while. I’m now on 141 hour stitching 4th section complete, 2… Continue Reading…

HAED – Witching Hour – 95.5 hours

Nearly another page done. 95.5 Hours of stitching  

HAED – Witching Hour 64 hours – another page complete

Yay, another page complete, love stitching this, not too much confetti, but that’s because I’m cross countrying it I think.  Can’t swap it over, love it too much.  

Witching Hour – Mug and Watch

I’ve just got my little treat today in the post from The witching hour watch.   And the Mug too, also a calendar…  

The Witching Hour – 40 hours

I’ve carried on with the Witching Hour a little longer. Now at 40 hours stitching. I’m going on to Cat Tales this week but I’m going to try and do an hour on this one a day too.  

My Latest Flosstube

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