Shazie In Stitches

Mini Pincushion

Oh my word this was fiddly. I saw this on Etsy and thought I’d have a go but stitching it together was so fiddly. My eyes aren’t what they used to be.

Poorly but…. I stitched and finished this….

My husband came down with a cold/flu on Friday. He’s still got it. Yesterday I pushed 6 hours of working stitching to finish my magazine piece. So glad I did a stitch today my nosey won’t stop running. So I’ve… Continue Reading…

Fully Finished – HOD – April

Yay, I have finally found a little bit of time to fully finish the Hands on Design, April, Year in Celebration design. I’m just about keeping up with them. let’s see if I can get May stitched before the end… Continue Reading…

My Wedding Sampler

Here’s my special wedding sampler, I stitched a a year ago. Again another design by Faby Reilly, specially commissioned for me. Thank you Faby 😁😁😁 Zoom in on your laptop touch pad/ tablet screen to see the intricate stitching details.

Final Fully Finished

Final fully finished piece. Now to do some commission Stitching.

Look a me go!!

I was always scared of finishing projects in any other way than just in a frame under glass. Look at me now. Getting confidence to try finishing things out of my comfort zone.

Hands on Design – Year in Celebrations – February

I finished stitching the February design, I’ve started the March one. I have model stitching on its way so back to work stitch for a few days. 😪

Hands on Design – Year of Celebrations – January

Here’s the January design all fully finished. Tried my hand at making cording. Wasn’t bad for my first attempt.

Interchangeable Plaque

Interchangeable plaque. Now to find designs I like. Not Prim designs. If anybody see a monthly series let me know 😁 0 Cool Number

Phoenix Semi Framed

Look at this frame, it was a wedding present.  Not the perfect size, but it will work if I can find a way to straighten the piece. I’d lace it up on card but there is no room in the… Continue Reading…

My Latest Flosstube

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