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My Wedding Sampler

Here’s my special wedding sampler, I stitched a a year ago. Again another design by Faby Reilly, specially commissioned for me. Thank you Faby 😁😁😁 Zoom in on your laptop touch pad/ tablet screen to see the intricate stitching details.


Shamrock Fobs

Here are my finished shamrock fobs. Gifts for my wedding next week. Love them but boy are the fiddly. I’m sure the 2 ladies who will receive them will cherish them. Instead is an Irish collectors coin.


Feeding Time

I went to see my mum today for the first time since she went into a nursing home at the beginning of the year. She sadly has FTD the rare form of Dementia. She’s lost a lot of wait and has certainly aged since the last time I saw her last year at dads funeral.  …