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Day 1-9 Tiny Valentine SAL

Here’s today’s update.

Day 1 – 8 Tiny Valentine SAL

Day 1-8. All up to date on Tiny Valentine SAL

Day 1-6 Tiny Valentines SAL

Progress so far.

Day 1-4 Tiny Valentines SAL

Today’s progress.

Day 1-3 Tiny Valentine SAL

Here’s today’s progress.

Day 2 – Tiny Valentine SAL

Today’s tiny stitch.

Day 1 – Tiny Valentine SAL

All complete. On 20ct Aida.

Tiny Valentine SAL

Oh it’s a really good day. Just seen on Facebook that there’s a tiny valentine sal. I’ve been having withdrawals since the tiny Christmas sal ended. I just had to go and buy this one. Now to get stitching today’s… Continue Reading…

Tiny Christmas SAL – All Finished

All complete. Just noticed I have short reindeers lol. Oh well not to worry. It was fun. I’m now going to have withdrawal symptoms tomorrow. Nothing to look forward to lol.

Day 1 – 23 Tiny Christmas SAL

One more day to go. It has to be Santa lol. Day 1 – 23

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