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FFO – Touching the Autumn Sky

I pushed myself and went to Bury on my own to pick some shopping up and my frame, fought through my anxiety. While poor Don goes to the emergency dentist to try and get his tooth pulled out. Look at… Continue Reading…

Touching The Autumn Sky Finished

After a gruelling 1.5 hours of beading with invisible thread, she is complete. She should be fully finished on Saturday. I just need to stitch the year on her too.      

Autumn Sky Update – OMG hate invisible thread.

OMG that invisible thread is a nightmare. I can’t see it to thread my needle then where I have to stitch. That was heard work. Top beads done. Top part finished so not long now to the finish line. At… Continue Reading…

Touching the Autumn Sky Upate

Just a quick update, Now on 39 hours. Still a bit to go yet.  Not managed that much stitching today as we went out to Bury Market today. I’m having the frame made and it’ll be ready next weekend for… Continue Reading…

Touching the Autumn Sky Upadte

34 hours so far stitching. Bit slow today.  

Autumn Sky update

Today’s progress. 29 hours. Don’t think it’ll be finished by Friday but I can still take it in Saturday to find a double mount and frame I think. I know the design area size.  

Touching the Autumn Sky Update 17.5 hours

Here is today’s update. Total time stitched so far is 17.5 hours.

Touching the Autumn Sky

I’m really loving this project. I’ve managed 7 hours stitching so far and this is where I’ve got to.  

A New Start – Touching the Autumn Sky

My fabric finally arrived today. Tonight I’ve managed to stitch 2 hours on it.     45 minutes stitching below   And now 2 hours. Not sure I like the dark brown but looking at photos online it looks right.… Continue Reading…

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