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Haed – Gemini

I’m going to work in Gemini I think next. I’m sure Magazine stitching will arrive early this week. I’ve spent 461 hours on this over the past 4 years I think.

HAED Gemini – Top part complete

OMG this last page near the end was gruelling with confetti but I carried on and did it. So this has taken me 347 hours so and I started it 12th July 2012 but didn’t do that much in the… Continue Reading…

Gemini – Nearly there

I’m so trying to get this page finished then I can open up the design onto longer side stretchers, it’s getting there slowly, can’t believe this project will be 3 years old this June.  


Updates 10th January 2016

I’m trying a little rotation this week. Here are my updates.        

HAED – Gemini Update

I’ve been trying to get the top section finished on this for a while now but that middle section took an age to get done and that confetti drove me mad, but I now only have 2 pages to go… Continue Reading…

HAED Gemini Update – Parking Method

I have tried the parking method on my Gemini, mainly because this Needle Needs frame is the biggest they sell and it’s heavy to turn over.  I seem to have done more on this doing the parking method than on… Continue Reading…

Gemini update

Now I’m on 187 hours. Nearly done page 1 on the top. My set up below.    

Gemini Update 187 hours

I’m making progress.  

Gemini Update

Look how I’ve got on today. Well chuffed.  

My Stitching Day on Gemini

Well not a lot of housework has been done today, but I have managed 4.5 hours on Gemini. I’ve really enjoyed it today on my me frame set up. So here is where I left it in December 2014 And… Continue Reading…

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