Train of Dreams – 52 hours stitched so far…

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I’ve carried on stitching my train of dreams this week.  I would love to have this full section finished by Monday but I’m not sure I will, I would have been working on this for a month on Monday.  But I didn’t stitch anything over last weekend so if I had I would have made it.

I will see how much I can do over the next 2 days, and whether I want to carry on a little longer, I bet I will till I have have finished this section, then I should go back to Gemini, I’m waiting for some more side bars to arrive 2nd hand, then it would make it easier to switch projects without taking the stretchers off I can have TOD and Gemini set up and my other stretchers are on a smaller HAED that I want to work on too.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day, especially since my working hours have gone up to full time again, I knew my part time hours wouldn’t last long, damn, less stitching time now for me.


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