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Magazine Commission Stitching For 2016

Here are the pieces I stitched last year. I was still a back up stitcher.

Lakeside Fantasy SAL 2016/17

I’ve been awol again, I do apologise. I have been enabled and have started the Lakeside Fantasy SAL 2016/17. I thought about it when they were releasing the border back in July, but I thought, no I might not like… Continue Reading…

Sorry for my absence

It’s it been a while since I posted. A lot has gone on in my life mainly my dad came to live with me a month ago because he was diagnosed with terminal cancer we thought we could give him… Continue Reading…

HAED Witching Hour update

I’m getting there slowly, but I must be half way now, this was on Monday 23rd May 2016, it has taken me 463 hours to get this far. This below is where I was at last night, we have an… Continue Reading…

Love with an Open Heart by Stoney Creek

Where have a I been for the past 20+ years, I’d never taken any notice of Stoney Creek Designs, oh and now I’m in love with a good amount of them. I stitched this one over the weekend.  I am… Continue Reading…

FFO – Touching the Autumn Sky

I pushed myself and went to Bury on my own to pick some shopping up and my frame, fought through my anxiety. While poor Don goes to the emergency dentist to try and get his tooth pulled out. Look at… Continue Reading…

Witching Hour Progress

I managed 5 hours progress yesterday.

Witching Hour – HAED Update – possible challenge 2

Here is my witching hour update.   I wasn’t going to enter the next HAED challenge, the cross country one as I already stitch cross country but not normally on colour across the page in one go. But I had… Continue Reading…

Touching The Autumn Sky Finished

After a gruelling 1.5 hours of beading with invisible thread, she is complete. She should be fully finished on Saturday. I just need to stitch the year on her too.      

Autumn Sky Update – OMG hate invisible thread.

OMG that invisible thread is a nightmare. I can’t see it to thread my needle then where I have to stitch. That was heard work. Top beads done. Top part finished so not long now to the finish line. At… Continue Reading…

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