I pushed myself and went to Bury on my own to pick some shopping up and my frame, fought through my anxiety. While poor Don goes to the emergency dentist to try and get his tooth pulled out.
Look at this beauty, so chuffed I can’t put it into words and I’ve got my tiny white feather in there that fluttered down from the sky a month ago today.  You may need to zoom in to see it in the bottom right corner.





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  1. Oh wow, this is awesome! This is such a difficult chart to get hold of too. You've done a great job on the framing as well. Love the feather you added too. Does it represent a loved one who is watching over you?
    I saw that you follow me via Bloglovin, could I ask a small favour – could you click on the Followers button on my blog too? That's how I track my followers and I like to do giveaways each time I reach another 100 milestone! Thank you xxx

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