Shazie In Stitches

Final Fully Finished

Final fully finished piece. Now to do some commission Stitching.

Cats Eyes Finished 

I thought I’d try and finish my Cats eyes today. I finished my commission Stitching on Sunday so I may have a week to work on my pieces if I’m lucky.

More Cats Eyes Progress

That’s me for today. I think I’ve stitched on this for 4 hours today. I didn’t time my stitching this time like I normally do. The blending of the colours are lovely. No confetti.

Cats Eyes Progress

I’ve made some progress in between doing the housework. I have to say this portable frame is purrfect for Freya to sit on my knee and it still allows me to stitch. She has been poorly but I think we… Continue Reading…

New Start – Ginger Cat Face

Well while I have a days grace from commission Stitching.  I’m going to do a new start. I met a lovely lady this weekend blogging, who is following me and likewise I’m following back. Yesterday she posted she was going… Continue Reading…

My Latest Flosstube

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