Thread Heaven Ceases Production

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Oh dear. Thread Heaven has ceased production.  (From their Facebook page)

After 22 yrs.
Production of Thread Heaven has officially ended.
Be sure you snatch up any Thread Heaven you find, because it’s the last.
We would like to Thank you, our loyal user base for so many years!
Please Note:
Which means it’s out there & we don’t have anymore.
Now, it’s retirement time!
I’ve used it every now and then but I prefer Thread Magic, mainly for the container but it’s dearer in the UK 

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  1. haggisandhalfstitches
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    Yet again, I’m the old lady *laugh* I still prefer beeswax. That might not be the case if I used it for anything but metallics, though it’s nice to have something multi-purpose in the house, too — I don’t think I’d want to apply thread conditioner to the edges of my nesting doll collection, but beeswax works just fine. 🙂

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