Thread Dampener

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Having trouble with your white thread not stitching straight. Don’t want to use Thread Heaven, if you have it as it’s discontinued!!
Why not try making your own thread dampener.
I made mine 20 odd years ago and forgot all about it.
It’s just a sponge in a container that has very lightly been dampened.
If you have kinks in your old threads on bobbins run the thread through your sponge it should be straight.

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  1. Teresa Pires
    | Reply

    I have a mini sponge that I’ve used for years. I need to make one a bit bigger for my stitching spot so the mini one can stay with my work project.

    • ShazieC
      | Reply

      It’s just getting the amount of water right if I remember rightly.

  2. ivyjade234
    | Reply

    Oh, I have heard of this. I have also heard that beeswax works.

    • ShazieC
      | Reply

      Beeswax discolours your thread. I tried it and it was horrible.

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