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Apps For The Digital Cross Stitch Journal

I have found an app that works with the digital cross stitch journal for Android. You can add pages and write in the text fields, so if you’d like to have a digital cross stitch journal, check out Xodo –… Continue Reading…


Digital Cross Stitch Journal and Mobile Phones

I’ve just tested the digital journal on my mobile phone with PDF Expert and the pages are working surprisingly well (for adding text into the text fields, not as small and hard as I first thought), I didn’t think it… Continue Reading…

Preview Images of the NEW – Digital Cross Stitch Journal – Starter Bundle

I have added some pretty dividers to the NEW Digital Cross Stitch Journal – Starter Bundle. I thought you might like to see what you get in the starter bundles so here’s a preview,,,,,, The Starter Bundle has one page… Continue Reading…

Digital Cross Stitch Journal – Coming Soon!!

Just to let you all know that I am creating an editable PDF Digital Cross Stitch Journal. This starter bundle will start you off collecting pages. This pdf makes it easy to use on a tablet and computer to input… Continue Reading…

Grab a 10% Discount

Why not treat yourself to a cross stitch journal or some extra pages? Till Sunday 2nd June, you can get a 10% Discount on all my PDFs. The Discount will automatically be applied in the checkout.

Spanish Cross Stitch Journal Review

I have just seen my cross stitch journal reviewed in Spanish. I thought I would share, I will do a reviews page soon, to add them all onto. Happy Stitching, Shazie x

Stitching Journal

I’ve been busy commission Stitching and burning the candle at both ends. Getting overtired. But I did a little stitching Journal binder video. If you fancy watching it. Bit rushed though.

My Latest Flosstube

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