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Bead Storage

I don’t have many beads, but I’d seen the bead storage that was like small Tic Tac boxes, well I thought that was what I was ordering the other week from China, but I didn’t go for the 64 box… Continue Reading…

Combined all my HAED threads

I spent last week adding the stitch information into the spreadsheet that is available on the HAED FB group, where you can add your stitch count for each thread on your HAED charts to give you an estimated usage report,… Continue Reading…

Printable Floss Bobbins

I have just found these printable floss bobbins mentioned on Rhona Norrie’s Blog, so I had to grab the download. I thought I’d share the link to. Printable Floss Bobbin Article If you’d like to follow Rhona Norrie’s blog Click… Continue Reading…

Thread Organisers

I’m all ready to carry on stitching Up on the Rooftops. It’s really strange cutting short lengths of thread so used to doing a full arm length for a loop start.

Box Storage for Floss-a-way bags

I went to Wilko’s (in the uk) today and found the ideal storage for Floss-a-way bags.  They are only £2.50 for a set of 2 drawers. Mini Storage Drawers  

Set of Ort Bags

A lovely member of Chatterbox Stitchers made me some Ort bags a few months ago and I asked could she make me some more as I love them and look what came in the post this morning!! A complete set,… Continue Reading…

Labelled my bobbins with symbols

I saw this idea on Facebook the other day and thought this is a great idea, especially for HAED projects, and once you finally complete your project then you can re use them. I was going to get rid of… Continue Reading…

All DMC Threads Bagged

I have changed my DMC storage system over. I had them all over the place. Some on bobbins and some full skeins. So I got some grip seal bags and record cards and they are all in individual bags. My… Continue Reading…

My Latest Flosstube

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