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Day 1 – 23 Tiny Christmas SAL

One more day to go. It has to be Santa lol. Day 1 – 23

Day 19 – Tiny Christmas SAL

Day 19 complete.

Buds in Bloom SAL – Box 1 Poinsettias Box

Here is box 1 of the Buds in Bloom SAL, designed by Faby Reilly exclusively for Lakeside Needlecrafts. 

Day 18 – Tiny Christmas SAL

Mr Frog made me start in the wrong place so had to unpick then I ran out of DMC 498 and my new one is a slightly different shade. Dye lots grrrr never mind.

Day 17 – Tiny Christmas SAL

Day 17 – Tiny Christmas SAL (Stitch Along) That’s the last House I believe.

Day 1 – 14 Tiny Christmas SAL

Day 1 – 14 Tiny Christmas SAL I have no clue what today’s is. On the right!!!

Christmas Tree, Tiny SAL and Black Cat

Starting point on black Cat. I have it on a large hoop and my seat frame downstairs next to the Christmas tree lol, hoping Thor leaves it alone. Then I’ll decorate it lol. And cover my boxes with wrapping paper… Continue Reading…

Day 1- 10 Tiny Christmas SAL

Here’s today’s little stitch, the church.

Day 1-9 Tiny Christmas SAL

Day 1-9 Tiny Christmas SAL So enjoying stitching this. Not normally my style but I like a change.

Day 1-7 of The Tiny Christmas SAL

This is so much fun. We need more like this. I’m all up to date.

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