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The Witching Hour – 40 hours

I’ve carried on with the Witching Hour a little longer. Now at 40 hours stitching. I’m going on to Cat Tales this week but I’m going to try and do an hour on this one a day too.  

HAED – Witching Hour – Full page and bottom full page finished

Yay, it’s looking good now, especially from a distance, one full page and one full bottom page finished.  I’m now going to the next bottom page, I was going to rotate but wanted to stay on this a little longer.… Continue Reading…

Witching Hour – 23.5 hours stitching

I was hoping to have this page finished tomorrow but I doubt I will manage it, I was going to rotate with something else.  I’ll see how I get on tomorrow.  

Witching Hour HAED – 17 hours of stitching

It’s coming along, now at 17 hours and I’ve nearly done 1 and half pages, there is a long way to go and a year or so of stitching.  

Witching Hour Update

Not a great update but it’s coming along nicely, plenty of block stitching which makes it easier to get a head. Now I’m on 11 hours in total stitching.  

HAED – Witching Hour Regular

It has been a while since I posted on my blog, I must catch up with all my work in progress but it’s my birthday today and for my present this year I decided to start the Witching Hour by… Continue Reading…

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