Shazie In Stitches

More Stitching Framed.

More stitched pieces framed and ready to go on the wall. 😁

Cats Rule Finish

Yay another finish. Cat rules. Look at the difference backstitch makes.

Cat Rules Progressing

I’m progressing nicely with this one. I converted the Anchor colours to DMC. It looks better looking at the photo than the stitched piece lol.

Oops a New Start

I know, I really don’t need a new start do I with about 16 Wips lol but I wanted something portable and small. Here you go. 

Cats Rule – New start

I really know I should be stitching one of my larger WIPS while I have no commission stitching but I fancied something small and portable so I started this last night.    

My Latest Flosstube

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