Stitching Accessories

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I thought I’d show you my stitching accessories, I bought these a few years ago now, and to be honest I forgot I had them!! till recently.

I think I purchased them from Beadin Luvverly on Facebook, I’m 95% sure I did.

They are so pretty, I really must use them.

Look I’m trying to improve my photos, with some guidance from my friend Faby.

It’s so easy and simple when you know how to do it.

I just got a brand new facecloth and popped the accessories on it, after removing those dreaded cat hairs….lol…. I must add. Then getting the lighting right, I just then took the picture from my phone.

You will see on the photo I have from left to right – A thread unpicker (Frogger), I can’t be without one of these, because when I get lazy, which is often!!, I try to unpick with my needle and you guessed it, it flings across the room, which then leads to me on my hands and knees, swearing trying to find it, so that it doesn’t stick in somebody, mainly me or that the cats don’t  get hold of it.

I have to say I have learnt to use it, it’s there in front of me, but habits do die hard, like thread licking, I try but fail and end up licking it, I’m putting my own bit of DNA on my stitching, but it does sound gross, doesn’t it.

I digress –

Then there is a thread tailer thing, that if you’re like me, you try to use the last bit of thread on your needle, being smart and it comes out of the eye, I do this ALL the time, I then spend minutes trying to re thread the short tail (swearing at myself for never learning)  and it in variably doesn’t happen, I can never get it in the eye, so I then have to unpick a few stitches to give me enough length, so I tried this tailer thing and it worked….RESULT, now to break that habit …Yeah that isn’t going to happen easy.

Then we have the counting pins, You probably can’t see the joining nylon thread in this photo as it’s like that awful invisible thread.  I don’t like keeping these lying around again for the health and safety of the cats, so they are in a little tin.

It is a useful tool, I’m using it on the model stitching I’m currently doing for Faby, the Zoe SAL, which is coming out very soon, as I have to count a fair distance and if I counted once I’ve counted 10 times.  I find it harder to count on linen than evenweave, must be my eye to brain coordination…lol

You can get some really lovely stitching accessories from Greta, it’s well worth a look if you are on FB (noseybook)

I hope you enjoyed seeing this set and that I’ve not enabled you toooooo much.  They would make an ideal gift for a stitchy friend.

Happy Stitching,

Shazie xx

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