So Tired…..

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Oh well, when will I learn.

I am so tired today, so I’ve not achieved very much at all, apart from losing files.

I had to buy a new desktop tower yesterday because my old XP one wasn’t safe, so I’ve been trying to get used the new windows, oh I hate the newer versions windows, but that’s another story.

Many years ago, I used to do graphic design in Paint Shop Pro, in the days when there wasn’t any YouTube videos, just written tutorials, which I kept, so I’m looking through what signatures I have.

I’m wondering if I could do them again, I think I mayt be way to rusty, it must 15+ years I did any.

Here are a couple of my favourite ones.





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  1. ivyjade234
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    I think you would be great at writing out totorials. You should start it up again.

    • Shazie In Stitches
      | Reply

      Golly tutorials take a LOT of time, not sure I have that at the moment and if there is any interest in it these days. Paint Shop Pro designs, aren’t what they used to be, they are mainly naked women and men and that’s not my kind of design.

      • ivyjade234
        | Reply

        Oh well, that’s upsetting. But I still think you give great advice on how to finish things

        • Shazie In Stitches
          | Reply

          Would you have wanted to learn? Lol

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