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The other day I received my order from PolkaDotStitery in Canada, for some ball point needles.

Kati, only sells them via Facebook, I believe to try and keep costs down, like I did for the past 2 years selling my Cross Stitch Journal, but it got that busy that I struggled at times to keep up sending emails manually.

I’ve only just opened the small envelope today, with doing the website the past 4 days have been long and nothing has got done….lol. not one stitch, which is rarely none!!!

They are ball pointed needles, similar to the Easy Guide Needles on Etsy, but I find these a lot cheaper especially on postage to the UK.

They are expensive at about £1.50 a needle, but I’m convinced they make my stitches lie flat, even WHITE DMC.

Kati sells 3 sizes, so I purchase 3 of each size.  I order some last year around July time and I still have 2 left from that order.

Here are the current details, please check price, in case it changes, but as of today this is the price.

-40mm is the rough equivalent of a size 26 needle
-37mm is the rough equivalent of a size 28 needle
-34mm is the rough equivalent of a size 28 petite needle

Needles are $2.50 each or 3/$6 plus shipping
All prices are in Canadian $

I would highly recommend them, if you get the Easy Guide ones from Etsy, I would think they would be expensive as Etsy and charges are ever climbing.


Kati has a good service

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