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Wow, that was a mammoth task, I’ve just tagged up 276 post from my imported posts from previous blog posts.

Now that will teach me not to use tags, I used categories but not tags!!! Lesson Learned.

It’s a good year or so since I used WordPress and it’s changed a little bit, so you will have to bear with me will I get used to it again.

So no stitching today, I have to go through all posts and check the formatting of some of the text as it’s not imported very well and then over the coming days, try and add missing stitching updates.

I hope you like the new website, I hope you will subscribe to be kept up to date, I’m not sure I have the right plugin installed for that, so please bear with me.

Happy Stitching Everyone,

Shazie x

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  1. ivyjade234
    | Reply

    yep you have the right plug-in for subscribing, as I just subscribe. Sad to see your old blog go but happy you are sitting blogging on something different and still using WordPress as I love WordPress.

    • Shazie
      | Reply

      I love WordPress and it keeps getting better. Still a few tweeks to do but I’m getting there.

      Thank you for coming over. Love receiving your comments. 😘

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