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I just had to go and look at the Heaven and Earth Designs website last week while the sale was on, I knew I shouldn’t have.

I had to buy On Blue, it is so like my black and white cat Finn.

And of course I had to start it, I ordered some easy count 32ct fabric and it arrived on Saturday.

I don’t have any work stitching at the moment so I’m having a go.

I’m stitching this 2 over 1 on 32ct, stitching diagonal for now to give me different areas to stitch. Doing tent stitch, because this is HAED number 7 and I’d like it finished.

The black with be ideal when I’m tired.  I need to get about an hour in a day but I know that is unlikely to happen but the plan sounds good.

Up till last night I had stitched 9 hours, here’s where I am at the moment.

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  1. ivyjade234
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    beautiful HAED and so you! Just can not wait to see some stitching on it.

  2. ivyjade234
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    oh and by the way I completely forget but did you finish that Gemani piece? Sorry if I’m getting the name and spelling wrong.

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