New Scissors

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A lovely dear friend sent me some new scissors last week.

I normally use scissors (left in the picture) but I’m finding because I’m lazy,,,lol, that when I use metallic threads I forget to cut with something other than my squissors, so in turn I end up making them blunt, I can’t tell you how many pairs of squissors I’ve ruined this way, and to date I haven’t found a way to sharpen them.

I’ve tried cutting into tin foil with them, which I’ve found to be as bad or even worse than actually cutting metallic thread.

With scissor you can get scissor sharpeners, which I do have one somewhere but they don’t seem to sharpen the squissors.

Purple colour is just perfect, because soon I will have a lovely scissor case that I made last year, that I will be showing in the coming months.

I’m thinking a may start to collect scissors, well I’m only thinking about it.

Happy Stitching,

Shazie x

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    cute scissors can’t wait to read your next post

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