My Floor Stand

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I am lucky as I have 2 Lowery Workstands but I also have a KS Creations in Texas Stowaway Folding Floor Stand.
I bought this 6 years ago before shipping, exchange rate and import duty got silly. Plus I was working full time and I could afford it back then.
I decided to get it out and put in the back bedroom last weekend and it’s been a joy to use it again.
I’ve adapted it and put Needle Needs type arms in it so I can have any size frames on it.
I rarely turn my stitching apart from doing backstitch so it’s perfect.
Today I’ve fine tuned it by adding an Eyebright Armchair Chart Stand thing. It used to clamp over a chair arm. Not sure you can still buy it. I’ve had it years.
Then I stuck some magnets on the back of the thread organiser I got from China.
I have my ort catcher attached with magnets too.

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  1. ivyjade234
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    Wow! Very cool setup. And I really like the wooden chart holder. I think it is amazing sometimes when we take out old things we have boughten, use them and wonder what we could have done without it.

    • ShazieC
      | Reply

      That’s very true. You can’t buy it now which is a shame. I think I got it 2nd hand.

      • ivyjade234
        | Reply

        Oh well that is very lucky. I want to get the lowery stand

        • ShazieC
          | Reply

          I like my Lowery but it still slants with the long arm adapter with a large frame on it but great for space saving.

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