Meet Friske

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We were adopted by Friske at the end of July beginning of August.


She was different because when we first met her on the street she had recently had her tail docked by about 2 inches and it was unusual.
She kept visiting us and sleeping in the outside cat shelter.
So I decided I had to find her owner. She must have one because of the recent operation.
I had posters up. Rang all local vets. But I got a breakthrough late on a Friday night.
We arranged for her owner to collect her. Oh but we missed her all that day.
Early on the Sunday morning Friske was back, she had escaped.
We left it a week and contacted the owner to see if she’d been back but no, she had had kittens about 7 months ago and they had kept 2 of them and we think that’s why she left home.
So we offered to adopt her. The owner said yes so I asked how old she is and she’s roughly 14 months old. Had she had her injections. No came the reply.
What, she’s allowed to go out but not had the injections to cover her.
So I ring the vet and get a price of £49 and £20 for the microchip.
Last Monday we went to the vets and started the first of 2 injections. 
So Friske now belongs to us. 
You can see why I’m stitching The Witching Hour. 



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  1. Heather
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    Great choice of chart and congrats on the new addition to the family! She's adorable it sucks the owner decided to get rid of her because they had new kittens.

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