Feeding Time

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I went to see my mum today for the first time since she went into a nursing home at the beginning of the year. She sadly has FTD the rare form of Dementia. She’s lost a lot of wait and has certainly aged since the last time I saw her last year at dads funeral. 
I was so pleased to see my feeding time on her wall. I stitched this about 4 years ago. I’m so tempted to stitch it again for my wall. 

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  1. nanacathy2
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    Oh bless you both. Dementia is wicked, my Mum has Alzheimers. Hugsxx

    • ShazieC
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      It’s horrid. She did say I wasn’t sharon when she saw me.

  2. ivyjade234
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    So glad that you went to see your mom. She looks very happy and happy to see you in the pictures. Glad that you two also had a nice chat, even if at times she got lost in the conversation.

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