DMC Checklist – Digital Cross Stitch Journal Available To Purchase

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I just wanted to let you know that the DMC Checklist is now available to purchase from my shop.

This can easily be inserted into your PDF Editor to expand your digital cross stitch journal, or used as a standalone pdf.

Please note the digital cross stitch journal pdfs are not recommended to be printed out, they are solely for digital purposes only on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

If you’d be interested in a decorative printable journal then please contact me.

The PDF works in the following Apps

EZPDF – Both Apple iOS and Android

PDF Expert – Only available on Apple iOS – not on Android

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Fox It PDF Editor

Books – Apple iOS not on Android

Doesn’t work with the following Apps

GoodReader – Only available on Apple iOS

Goodnotes 4 and 5 – You have to use the text box function, which is frustrating and time consuming, it doesn’t actually work on it’s own within the individual cells.


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