Digital Cross Stitch Journal – Coming Soon!!

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Just to let you all know that I am creating an editable PDF Digital Cross Stitch Journal.

This starter bundle will start you off collecting pages.

This pdf makes it easy to use on a tablet and computer to input your data without the need to print the pages or having to purchase a digital pencil. The text fields are editable.

You can make as many copies of the pages and move them about within the pdf pages.

I hope over the coming months, IF there is enough interest to create more pages, as time permits, there is a lot of work involved to make the pages and then to make them editable as each field has to be manually created.

The Starter Bundle with consist of:

  • Cover
  • Daily Stitch Hour Page
  • Stitch Record Page
  • Current WIPs Page
  • Wishlist Page
  • Things to Be Finished Page
  • Things to Be Framed Page
  • Fabric Stash Page
  • Monthly Tracker Page

Let me know if you are interested and feel free to join my Digital Cross Stitch Journal Group on Facebook.

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