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Just to let you know that I have added my current flosstube video in my sidebar on the website, clever or what.

I’m impressed.  So if you can’t find me on flosstube then you can pop to my website and there you will find the latest episode…lol, well that’s if I remember to change the link, when I add a new video…lol

Note to self, must remember.

Take a moment to go and watch, you will have a giggle,

Shazie x

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  1. Maureen
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    Hi Shazie I’ve been meaning to ask you for ages, why you prefer to have the rollers on a frame on the top rather than underneath? I always do it the other way round but when I saw you did the reverse I wondered if I was missing something?
    Best Wishes- Maureen X

    • Shazie In Stitches
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      Hi Maureen,
      Do you mean the fabric rolling from the back over the top, if so it’s because if you are going to get it dirty then it gets dirty on the back of the fabric not on the front.

      BUT if you look at Faby’s blog post you see she does it a different way, I’m going to try this way, except I’m toooo lazy to stitch fabric on scroll rods, in my early days I did, but now you can buy clip frames, I always opt for this type, especially with commission stitching as the work is generally not on the frame very long.

      Stitching with a stitching frame

      Hugs, Shazie

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