Combined all my HAED threads

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I spent last week adding the stitch information into the spreadsheet that is available on the HAED FB group, where you can add your stitch count for each thread on your HAED charts to give you an estimated usage report,

With me stitching On Blue on 32ct I would use less thread than the recommended amount on 25ct,

It took me a couple of days to add 7 HAED”s but I think it was well worth it, especially when I realised some of the threads across the 7 only use a few stitches and normally I would automatically purchase at least a skein for every colour on every haed, not very cost effective.

Then I decided to combine all my threads, I just hope die lots won’t we an issue in the YEARS to come, but hay ho.

I put all my stitchbows into 2 lever arch files, but I found it annoying to find a thread, one would be in one lever arch and then another in the 2nd one, that wasn’t going to work, so time consuming, so……

This is what I did. I took them out and popped them in an old shoe box, labelled the wallets so I now have a little filing system.

Then a member in my forum (on this website) recommend using my thread organisers, so that’s what I’m trying now,

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    very cool idea

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