CHP Size – Mono Digital/Printable Full Bundle Cross Stitch Journal

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New In The Shop – Sale for a Limited Time ONLY.

CHP Size – Mono Digital/Printable Full Bundle Cross Stitch Journal

This is a printable/digital Classic Happy Planner Size Cross Stitch Journal, with all the pages combined that I currently sell. In total to date (3rd January 2020) there are 241 individual pages.

The page size is for the Classic Happy Planner size Cross Stitch Journal   – 7” x 9.25”


The zip file includes a GoodNotes Format and a normal PDF format.

The download file, that you purchase is in a Zip format and you will need to unzip before you can access the PDF files, to start printing.  Free downloadable software is available online like 7- zipWinzip, or browser extension.


The pdf will work currently work on the following apps:

Xodo for Android, Chromebooks and IOs (Apple)

Metamoji (Paid Version) for Android

GoodNotes 4 and 5 for IOs (Apple)

PDF Expert (Paid Version) for IOs

You can use the PDF solely as a digital cross stitch journal. You can also print it out, selecting the pages you have written on and/or inserted photos to and keep a printed back up copy.

You need to print on either letter size paper 8.5″ x 11″ or A4 – 8.3″ x 11.7″ and then trim around the printed border.

Please note you will need to purchase separately the Classic Happy Planner or the Classic Happy Planner discs, from other online retailers, like Amazon, Ebay, or Classic Happy Planner suppliers.

This is a printable/digital PDF download, that you print yourself or you use on a tablet, PC or Phone.

After purchasing you will have 7 days to download the file, before the link expires.

There are no refunds on digital downloads so please ask questions before purchasing, via the contact form.

For personal use only, please do not distribute.

Pages that are included in the purchase are:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Stitches to Skeins
  3. 26 Different Named Dividers
  4. Photo Log Version 1 Page
  5. Photo Log Version 2 Page
  6. DMC checklist, which includes the new colours.
  7. Stitching Record Page
  8. Detailed Stitching Record Page
  9. Challenge Record Page
  10. Daily Challenge Record Page
  11. Chart/Kits Stash Page
  12. Daily Stitch Hours Record Page
  13. Fabric Stash Page
  14. Flosstube Record Page
  15. Flosstube Shownotes Page
  16. Monthly Tracker Version 1 Page
  17. Monthly Tracker Version 2 Page
  18. Needle Minder Page
  19. Project Bag Stash Page
  20. Grime Guard Stash Page
  21. Project Shopping List Page
  22. SAL List Page
  23. Things to be Framed Page
  24. Things to be Finished Page
  25. Fully Finished Projects Page
  26. WIP List Page
  27. Wishlist Page
  28. Project Bag Page
  29. Etsy Sales Order Page
  30. Year at a glance starts Page
  31. Year at a glance finishes Page
  32. Charts in Magazines Dates and Issue Numbers Page
  33. Kits in Magazines Page
  34. Thread Locator Page
  35. Fully Finished Page
  36. Dimension to DMC conversion Pages
  37. Directory Pages
  38. PayPal purchases Page
  39. Sal Tracker Page
  40. Threads I Need to Buy Page
  41. Full Coverage Page Count Page
  42. 2020 Monthly Plans Page
  43. 2020 Calendar Pages (72 Pages)
  44. Project Shopping List Page
  45. Year of WIPS Plan Page
  46. Caron Collection Checklist Pages
  47. Classic Colorworks Thread Checklist Pages
  48. DMC Floss Collection Pages
  49. Gentle Arts Sampler Threads Checklist Pages
  50. Anchor Threads Checklist Pages
  51. Petite Treasure Braid Checklist Pages
  52. Threadworxs Threads Checklist Pages
  53. Kreinik Threads Checklist Pages
  54. Weeks Dye Works Threads Checklist Pages
  55. Mill Hill Beads Checklist Pages
  56. Colour and Cotton Thread Checklist Pages
  57. CXC Threads Checklist Pages
  58. Sullivans Thread Checklist Pages
  59. Victorian Motto Threads Checklist Pages
  60. Kreinik to Petite Treasure Braid Conversion Pages
  61. Directory Pages – Stitchy Friends, Hand Dyed Fabric, General Cross Stitch Pages
  62. Etsy Sales Page
  63. Etsy Order Page
  64. Orders Page
  65. Purchases Page
  66. Stash Buys Page
  67. PayPal Receipts Page
  68. Thread Locator Pages
  69. Commission Stitching Record Page
  70. Reading List Page
  71. Stock List Page
  72. 100 Days Challenge Pages
  73. Stitch Maynia Page
  74. Stitch Maynia List

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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