Cats and Quilts

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Last night I fell across these designs by Pamela Kellogg (Kitty and Me Designs) and I’ve been wanting to stitch a monthly design that could be interchangeable in a picture frame. But not a primative design as their not my thing.
Sadly these designs have all different stitch dimensions,  so I doubt it would be possible.
Plus I’m not sure how quick I could do them. I’m also not a great finisher.
If anybody has any suggestions I’d love to hear from you.
If you are in the uk you can purchase them from Lakeside Needlecrafts as hard copies for £7.85 each.
The only Pamala Kellogg design I’ve stitched is the butterfly design many years ago for my Aunty.

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  1. haggisandhalfstitches
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    Okay, we’re absolutely on a vibe. I literally, this minute, just finished loading up floss for my next project…this: Autumn Blackwork Cat

    • ShazieC
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      By Pam Kellogg lol 😁 I’m waiting for Magazine work to come in the post.

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