Buds in Bloom SAL

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I’m the model Stitcher for this lovely new SAL designed by Faby Reilly, exclusively for Lakeside Needlecrafts. 
Go and have a look at Faby’s website, she has the most awesome designs. Link above. 
It will be available through Lakeside Needlecrafts
Pre-sale from 5th November. 
It’s going to be a lovely colourful design, that’s all I can say. My lips are sealed. 
It will be released on a fortnightly basis starting 5th December 2017 Till 27th March 2018. 
I’ll put each release picture up on the day of their release. 

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  1. Teresa Pires
    | Reply

    Oh my I found many pieces I want to stitch at Faby’s website. Can’t wait to see how this piece stitches up, may have to get this one. You’re such a good enabler Shazie

    • ShazieC
      | Reply

      I really really love this piece. It’s all a secret. It doesn’t start till 5th December but it’s soooooo pretty. I have one part to finish. So I’m hoping for tomorrow. Then I can move onto finishing my Magazine work, then a break I think. I’m burning out now.

  2. ivyjade234
    | Reply

    Haven’t been interested in stitching this myself, however I will enjoy coming on here and seeing your pictures of you sample stitching this pattern.

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