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  1. ivyjade234
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    Oh, that is such a pretty pattern. You should let yourself go and buy it and start stitching it.

    • ShazieC
      | Reply

      Golly I already have 15 wips and this will be the 2nd I’d like to stitch this year. Work stitching will be here too so not much time lol

      • ivyjade234
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        Oh, my that’s a lot of WIP’s I can see why maybe you wouldn’t want to do another start. I wouldn’t want to and I only have nine and I don’t want anymore WIP’s till I finish something.

  2. Teresa Pires
    | Reply

    Oh that’s such a beautiful pattern. Are you thinking of starting apples after Phoenix is done? I’m glad her page is public so I could see some of her beautiful designs.

  3. lucyannluna
    | Reply

    So pretty

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